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33.000 KD


Wavy Hair (or type 2 hair) lies somewhere between straight and curly hair. The texture of wavy hair tends to be thinner with thick S-shaped waves. Wavy hair usually has less volume than curly and kinky hair. To enhance this texture you need lighter, weightless products that will provide definition without compromising on volume.

1 x Hold Me Softly Balm (8 Oz)
1 x Curl Defining Styling Souffle (8 Oz)
1 x Moisture Memory Reactivator (8 Oz)

Step 1: Use our Hold Me Softly Balm on wet hair. Rake the product through the hair, then smooth the strands using the ‘praying hands’ method. Scrunch and then dry as preferred. For extra hold and definition, follow with the Souffle or the Fixer (or both!).
Step 2: Use our Curl Defining Styling Souffle on soaking wet hair. Take a dime sized amount per hair section. Rub it between your palms. Smooth down the length of the hair using the ‘praying hands’ method. Scrunch gently upwards, then air dry or diffuse. When fully dry, scrunch again to break the cast. No residues, greasiness or crunch. For extra moisture, apply after the Reactivator, the Balm or the Oil-in-Cream (depending on hair porosity).
Step 3: BETWEEN WASH DAYS: spray all our Moisture Memory Reactivator over the hair to restore moisture and reactivate curly styles. Pair with Balm or Souffle to add definition and hold. ON WASH DAY: use our Moisture Memory Reactivator as primer/leave-in conditioner for low porosity hair. Follow with Balm or Souffle to complete the style.



Customer Reviews

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Martha Jimenez
Love the products

I like the Curlsmuth products that I purchased. Happy with the results.

fatemah abdullah
I really like the brand

I really like the brand and products. they are light but they hold my waves/curls at the same time. i recommend them