Rizos Curls - Pump Up the Volume Kit

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This exclusive Pump Up the Volume Kit includes our Volumizing Hair Spray, Collapsible Diffuser & Hair Pick Comb. The ultimate trio for MAXIMUM volume, lasting hold, radiant shine & no-crunch curls.

For:  3 easy steps to achieve maximum volume, strong touchable hold & radiant shine in minimal dry time.

Why We Love:
  • Long-lasting flexible hold..No crunch!
  • Provides frizz control & combats humidity
  • Boosts shine for visibly healthier curls 
  • Improves health of hair, environmental protection
  • Dries Hair Rapidly & Evenly
  • Enhances Volume & Curl Definition
  • Universal Size that fits most hair dryers
  • Collapsible & Lightweight
  • Great for fluffing curls!
  • Custom oversized design with long picks great for reaching & lifting at roots
  • Larger size than most hair pick combs for extra coverage & volume!
Suggested Use: 


After you have washed & conditioned with Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo and Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner continue your styling routine with your favorite stylers in the Rizos Curls Styling Bundle.  Then work in the new Volumizing Hair Spray for extra volume.

Step #1: Shake Rizos Curls Volumizing Hair Spray well & then mist onto slightly damp roots.

Step #2: Diffuse hair upside down, on warm heat with our Rizos Curls Pink Collapsible Diffuser to lock in hold. As you dry your hair, stop & check your hair for areas that need additional styling products and/or Volumizing Hair Spray.

Step #3: Once hair is completely dry, use the Rizos Curls Pink Hair Pick to lift hair at root once dry for additional volume.

Finish your styling with an extra spritz or two of Rizos Curls Volumizing Hair Spray at the roots and throughout your overall look to lock those voluminous curls in place!

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