Curl Keeper - Hand Dry Hair Glove

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Speeds Up Drying Time!

The Hand Dry Hair Glove is a great innovative new tool that speeds up drying time. It is made of a super-absorbent microfiber that soaks up excess water.

Some curly hair can take up to seven hours to dry, but by using the Glove you can drastically reduce this drying time. Finding the right tool can make all the difference when prepping your hairstyle.

Defining ringlets is all about squeezing hair together while it is soaking wet. This technique will vary with the length of your hair and also affect how long it will take to dry. The Hand Dry Hair Glove is a very creative tool that replaces using a towel. Using the Glove allows you to have complete control as your hands are always the best tool to use and allow you to touch and squeeze exactly where you want.
*No returns on Hand Dry Hair Gloves*

- Super micro absorbent 
- Easy to clean 
- Soft and gentle on the hair 
- Speeds up drying time 

How to use:
While hair is still wet and you have achieved your desired ringlet formation using Curl Keeper® Styling Products, use the Glove by squeezing the hair towards the scalp with as little movement as possible. Excess water is absorbed by the Glove which will allow your hair to dry faster. The longer you use the Glove, the drier your hair will become.

Customer Reviews

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These gloves are quite thick and absorb a lot of water, and what I love about them is that you can scrunch you hair without creating frizz.

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