Boucleme - Curls Kit

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We think your Curls deserve to be treated as best as possible. This kit will bring you closer to healthier, nourished and more defined curls. Suitable for dry scalps and hair. Oily scalps are best suited to our waves kit with our Hydrating Hair Cleanser.

Kit includes
  • Curl Cleanser 300ml
  • Curl Conditioner 300ml
  • Curl Cream 300ml
  • Curl Defining Gel 300ml
Step by step guide:
  1. Wet your hair and apply Curl Cleanser. Massage into scalp and rinse.
  2. Detangle with fingers or any detangling brush
  3. Apply Curl Conditioner and smooth down the lengths
  4. Rinse out partly or fully depending on how dry your hair is.
  5. Apply Curl Cream to Soaking wet hair
  6. Rake it through the hair is sections
  7. Apply Curl Defining Gel to Soaking wet hair
  8. Rake it through the hair and scrunching hair up towards the scalp
  9. Flip your head forward and then wrap your hair in microfiber towel
  10. Diffuse or Hair dry your hair

Customer Reviews

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Eman Nassar

I really like the products they have made a really big difference in my hair