Basics of Curly Girl Method

Congratulations on taking your decision to embrace your natural hair and your first step to Curly Girl Journey.

As exciting as this decision is, it can be equally overwhelming with the amount of information available. That's why we have made a simple guide to kickstart your Curly Girl Journey!

What is Curly Girl Method of CGM?
Curly Girl Method or CGM was developed by Lorraine Massey and it is a way of embracing your natural hair, by switching to products that are free of harsh chemicals and avoiding heat or chemical treatments.

Who is this method for?
This method is suitable for anyone who wants to embrace & wear their hair in its natural state, wavy or curly, even if you have been damaging it with heat and chemicals all these years!

What are the basic rules of Curly Girl Method?
Avoid shampoos that consists of sulfates, as they strip of hair's natural oils and make them dry & frizzy. 
Avoid conditioners, masks and other styling products with silicones, parabens, mineral oils and such that are not water soluble as they cause buildup on you scalp and hair. 
Avoid using heat treatments like blow drying / flat ironing. 
Avoid using chemical treatments.
Avoid combing your hair when it is dry as this leads to hair breakage and loss. Instead detangle with your fingers or wide tooth comb/detangling brush in shower after applying conditioner.
Avoid using regular terry towels as cause friction with hair and creates frizz. Switch to microfiber towels or old cotton t-shirts for drying as this absorbs excess water without drying your hair or creating frizz. 
Switch CG approved products or natural products that are free from all harsh chemicals. To know if the product that you are using is CG approved, you can copy the product ingredients to one of these on websites like, or .

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