Collection: Kinder Curls

No Silicones No SLS No Dyes No Phthalates
Not Greasy Not Sticky pH Balanced for curly hair Reactivates with water

Curl Keeper took some time this year to look at the needs of our curlies and the truth was- their needs extended towards their families and little ones with curls too! Parents already have so much on their shoulders with just the daily tasks of life, so we knew that when it comes to managing curly kids hair- it needed to be easy, time efficient, and effective!
While developing our new kids’ line: Kinder Curls, we took into consideration that kids typically don’t like wash days and some are even terrified (cue more tears!). Kinder Curls products are designed to empower kids and their parents by reinforcing that curly hair may have its challenges but that it is beautiful and healthy, and it deserves love and nurturing. We also want to help alleviate the negativity and painful association with detangling and styling curly hair by using products that work to achieve a great result.