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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Rahaf A
      Amazing shampoo for clarifying

      I use this shampoo after oiling my hair or have a lot of build up, once a week max and it’s amazing and great for the scalp. I follow up with the conditioner on my scalp and it leaves no residue. I use a deep conditioner on my ends because I find the conditioner more soothing than moisturising. I use the gentle shampoo from this range on other days I want to refresh or a more gentle cleanse. It’s too harsh for daily use , but use it as intended and it’s a life saver. Great for dandruff or itchy scalp as well.

      Bad for my hair

      I bought the travel size and I didn’t like it at all
      it makes my hair sooooo dry although i put a moisturizing mask before washing my hair
      So I’m not gonna used it again
      But it smells good like a mint

      Does what it says!

      Love this shampoo really helps clarify hair from buildup and has a minty smell😍

      Fatemah Alakhwand
      My favorite shampoo!

      I have dandruff and my hair gets build up pretty easily + gets oily quick, so I was struggling with finding a clarifying shampoo that was not stripping (seeing that I needed to wash my hair at least two times a week). Then I found this and I'm in love! I wouldn't say that it gets rid of dandruff, but it definitely helps in controlling it. Just a great gentle clarifying shampoo. 100% would recommend.

      cleans hair well

      used this only once and it clarified and cleaned my scalp so well, removed all of the buildup and smells nice too

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