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      Curly Girls Must Have Accessories

      A bundle of accessories every Curlista needs for her natural hair journey!

      Microfiber Hair Wrap Towel - Frizz free drying experience. Best suited for wet plopping to improve curl clumping and definition. White Color

      Satin Scrunchies - Unlike unconventional elastic bands, satin scrunchies holds hair in place without causing friction, frizz & breakage. Black Color Medium.

      Satin Bonnet - Keeps hair moisturized, defined , less tangled & frizz free while you sleeper or for traveling too. Reversible bonnet in Navy/Light Blue.

      Satin Pillowcase - Cotton pillowcases create friction and causes frizz. Satin pillowcases keep skin & hair moisturized while turn & toss in sleep. Silver Color, Envelope style, Size-50x70cm

      Silicone Diffuser - Fits for hair dryers with nozzle of uptown 4.7cm diameter. Helps curls to dry faster. Increases volume & curl shrinkage.

      Flexy Brush - Best detangling & curl clumping brush ever. Green Color

      H2O Spray Bottle - Continuous mist spray bottle, a must have for curl refreshes for extended wash days.