5 Step routine for colored curls!

After coloring, the hair dries out because hair bonds are damaged and broken. At this point, the hair needs products that help in bond repair and building, as well as protein-rich products.

Please see below step by step routine done by the fellow curly girl Ascia.

Step 1 - Treat

Apply generously on damp hair until it is fully saturated. Leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes, (or up to 30 if you have mid-high porosity hair due to colouring, heat styling or damage). Rinse off thoroughly

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Step 2 - Cleanse

Apply generously on wet hair. Massage vigorously into your scalp to break down dirt and product buildup. Rinse off thoroughly.

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Step 3 - Condition

Apply generously on wet hair, after washing with the Vivid Tones Vibrancy Shampoo. Coat all strands evenly and gently detangle the hair to get rid of all knots. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse.

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Step 4- Volumize

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply to wet hair after your shower. Flip your hair upside down. Pump some foam into your hands andrakethrough the hair, focusing on the roots.Scrunch in, using an upward motion. Wavy hairand loose curl patterns can use it on its own for a voluminous, fluffy, beach-style look. 

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Step 5 - Define

For more defined curls & coils, just layer Feather-Light cream on top, focusing only on the lengths of the hair to get volume at the roots and defined ringlets – the best of both worlds! Diffuse your curl with your head tilted upside down for an even stronger volume boost.

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