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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Kian A.
      Used it on 2b (?) hair

      I used this on my 2b hair, slightly heat damaged and bleached (in some parts) to battle my frizz and lack of curl definition, it's also only been 4 months since I decided I'm healing my curls and bringing them back.

      This product really turned around my hair! I would get tangled, dry hair and struggle with the loss of definition right after shower days. After I learnt how to use this cream properly, I got 90% less frizz, my hair was defined and not crusty nor crunchy, I had big soft curls and it would last longer than just the shower day. I love this but my first try with it wasn't successful, please please PLEASE don't put too much of this in your hair!! it will end up being crunchy and will take you forever to scrunch out the crunch.

      I used only a pea-sized amount and used prayer hands to put it on my WET hair, then hastily finger-coiled my hair with the help of a Denman brush, I can promise you my hair is the frizziest hair on this planet so if a pea-sized amount worked on me, it should be enough for anyone. I used Cantu Define & Shine Custard afterwards, I put a tiny amount of it on my hands and I squished it onto my hair after using the cream. Worked like a charm!! Best curls I've ever had.

      Deepa Hanna

      Excellent one, only a peanut size required, great for refresh days

      Aljood Alfeeli
      Best leave in cream

      I loveee this product, I have 3a-3b hair and it really helped defeing my curls. Also it’s really I thick don’t use a lot.