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    عندك الوحدات الموجودة فى سلة التسوق الخاصة بك
    لديك عنصر واحد في عربة التسوق الخاصة بك

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      Loving all Fiona and Curl Products

      For the longest, while I had not figured out how to make the most out of my natural hair type, it wasn't until I found Fiona and Curl ( amongst other products on this website like the microfiber towel and several hair oils ) that I managed to get back to my natural hair state. ( Highly recommended with the cream Shampoo as well ).

      The products are amazing, smell good, very easy to use ( follow instructions ), and are healthy altogether ( I've suffered from hair loss from certain shampoos, but not this one), and the results last a good week at least with a lasting effect on the quality of my hair altogether as I'm seeing it go to back to its natural curly state.

      The Service is also superb, fast, personalized and The Curl Nation hasn't failed to surprise me with little cute surprises with each delivery.

      Highly recommended and will be back for more

      🧡 all flora and curl products

      What can I say. Get the whole line! Except for the hair mist, the smell didnt agree with my nose at all 😑 other than that, it's a very balanced line some of its products have protein the other is moisturizing and in always get flawless results when washing with flora.

      ربما يعجبك أيضا